Cleats, Hooks

Cabin hook, bcp
2120 2- 1/2” (L)
2122 4” (L)
2124 6” (L)
Cabin hook, brass polished
2121 2” (L)
2123 4” (L)
2125 6” (L)
Silent cabin hook
2128 4-1/2”(L) BCP
2129 4-1/2”(L) Brass
Hatch fastener, bcp
225A 100mm(L) x 30mm(W) x φ6.5mm
225B 100mm(L) x 30mm(W) x φ6.5mm
Hatch Fastener, Bcp
225D 4"(L) x 1-3/4"(W)
Handle, bcp
2251 3” BCP
2252 3” Brass polished
2253 3”x1-1/8”
225D 4”x1-3/4”
Handle, bcp
234 122mm(L) x 33mm(W) x 29mm(H)
Snap hook, bcp
251 30mm(L) x 34mm(W) x 25mm(H)
252 38mm(L) x 34mm(W) x 34mm(H)
Mini cleat, bcp
254 60mm(L) x 18mm(W) x 19mm(H)
Fender hook, bcp
250 30mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 19mm(H)
Awning hook, bcp
253 25mm(L) x 23mm(W) x 19mm(H)
Hammock hook, ss per pair
146 32mm(L) x 12mm(W) x 1.5mm(T)
Anti-rattle holder, bcp
211 90mm(L) x 47mm(W) x φ8mm
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  3. This warranty does not cover damage is caused by misuse, abuse, accident; failure to operate or install Products as specified in owner’s manual; or failure to use the Products accordance with the water conditions specified in the owner’s manual.
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